Why raft foundation provide for building?

Hello friends, In this article today I will discuss you that why we Why we provide raft foundation for building? Many students have this question so after reading this article you will be able to know all about raft foundation. Let’s get start.

What is Raft Foundation?

First know that Raft Foundation is the types of shallow foundation

Remember that Raft Foundation is also called Mat Foundation , So raft foundation is a thickness slab which can construction from Reinforcement concrete with steel . therefore the slab is spread under the building for total area by which we design the building. And its not required to make wall foundation so here we dig the full area for the building.

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Why we provide Raft foundation for building?

1: When some construction project has large load.

2: when any soil has low bearing capacity then we provide.

3: Its spread the building load to all area which we dig for building.

4: when the column footing space is high and more footing then we provide.

5: If the walls of the building are so close that it would cause the individual footings to overlap, then raft foundations should be used

6: Load of the structure has to be distributed over a large area.

7: Individual or any other foundation area would approximately cover 50% of the total ground area beneath the structure.

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