Why plinth beam provide in Building Construction? and its purpose

Hello friends, In this article today I will discuss you that why we provide plinth beam in building construction and its purpose. Many students they asked this question so today in this article I will clear your problem , so after reading this article you will able to know the use of plinth beam and its advantages. Let’s get start.

Why plinth beam provide in Building Construction? 

Plinth beams are structural elements which are hold your wall and acts as element where the walls can rest and plinth beam is   separate the wall from directly laying it on the ground

And plinth beam is also used to reduce the uneven settlement of the construction site, and also to reduce the water-logging impact on the building during rainy seasons and also during normal washing.The plinth is constructed along the whole length of the boundaries of the building

Purpose of Plinth beam in building construction:

  1. It saves buildings by differential settlement which is cause by partial failure of substructure or by the failure of soil on which buildings constructed.
  2. It provides uniformity to building at plinth level.
  3. Distributes super structure load uniformly to soil via substructure.
  4. Also plinth beam provides connection to columns of the structure

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