Why distribution bars provide in RCC slab?

Hello friends, In this article I will discuss that why we provide distribution bars in slab? so after reading this article you will be able to know the use of distribution bars in rrc slab. lets get start.

Why distribution bars provide in rcc slab?

Distribution steel is always provided for longer span ,the stresses such as temperature stresses,shrinkage,creep etc are taken care of by distribution steel that is why we provide distribution steel in longer span.

Distribution reinforcement is provided to take care of shrinkage stress and temperature effects.
After pouring of concrete, during curing concrete will shrink since the water in the concrete is used for hydration.
As the slab is rigidly fixed at the ends,this shrinkage will be restrained by the support which will lead to tensile stress in slab. as the concrete is weak in tension to take care these tensile force distribution reinforcement is provided.

Same phenomena will happen in temperature variation also. as the temperature falls slab will try to shrink.

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Distribution bars provide in slab to :

To resist the cracks.

To transfer the load to main bars.

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