What is the minimum reinforcement in a column , beam & Slab?

Hello friends, In this article today I will teach you that  What is the minimum reinforcement in a column? Many students they don’t know the minimum percentage of steel in column, so let’s get start.

Minimum Reinforcement in column 

Minimum reinforcement in a column is 0.8% of the area of cross section of column. cross section area corresponds to the theoretical area required to resist the direct stress.

The bar size should be not less than 12mm and use minimum 4 no’s of steel in square column and 6 No’s steel bars in circular column.

Reference to IS 456: 2000 , Clause 26.5 the maximum minimum reinforcement in RCC members are as follows.

maximum area of rebar in column 6% , but preferred 4% max due to 50% overlap. prefer less % to avoid congestion and to improve bond.

In beams maximum rebar is 4% of cross section in compression and tension.

minimum rebar area in tension is 0.85bd/fy , where b,d are dimensions of section and fy is the characteristic strength of rebar in N/sq mm

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