Why Civil Engineers Use Steel in Concrete?

  Hello Friends, Many students they have a question that why Civil Engineers use steel in concrete. so what is the reason? so in this article today I will discuss this topic ( Why Civil Engineers Use Steel in concrete? ). so after reading this article your question will be clear that why civil engineers […]

Why Crank Bars are Provide in Slab?

  In this article I will discuss about that why the crack of bars are required in slab, many students they have this question and also they face the problem about this question , that why we provide crank of bar in slab, so therefore after reading this article you will be able that why […]

  In this article today I will solve the Equation No 1 that how to find the Centriod of any object. Example no 1: determine the centriod of the given figure with reference to the given reference axis. Solution:- Given figure is symmetrical about y axis passing through the center of bout  rectangular figure (1) […]

Stress and Strain Numerical No # 1

  In this Article we will find the young Modulus of Elasticity for the  material. Example no 2 :  A tie is 7.5cm wide, 15cm deep and 200cm long. It is subjects to an axial force of 4200kn. The stretch of the material is found to be 2.67cm.find young modulus of elasticity for the material […]

What is Centroid and Centre of gravity

Centroid The point, at which the total area of a plane figure (such as rectangle, triangle, square, quadrilateral, circle etc) is assumed to be concentrated, is called the centroid of that area. The centroid is also represented by C.G. or G.The centroid and centre of gravity are at the same point. Centre of gravity Centre […]