Concrete Cover for RCC Structural Members

  In this article today I will discuss you about the concrete cover for reinforcement work in detail, so after reading this article you will be able to select the concrete cover thickness for different structure. Define Concrete Cover : Concrete cover is the least distance between the surface of embedded reinforcement and the outer […]

BBS for Lintel Beam

  In this article today I will understand you on the BBS for lintel beam in detail from start to finish. For more detail also watch my video after reading article.   Given Data: Legnth of Linterl = l = 3000 mm  = 3 meter width of linterl = 200 mm depth of lintel = […]

De-Shuttering Of Formwork Or Formwork Removal Time

In this Article I will show you that what is the formwork removal time Or De-shuttering of formwork in detail. briefly explains the process required for de-shuttering of formwork as well as the time period to remove the formwork from column, walls, beam, slab, staircase, foundation footing etc. Removal of formwork: The timing of removal […]

What is beam? and different types of beam

In this article today we will discuss about what is beam and their main types. After reading this article we will be able to know what is beam and what are the main types of beam. What is beam? Beam is a horizontal structure member which used to carry the vertical load. without the beam […]