12 Important Points About Estimating 

1: When any Quantity civil Engineer want to find out the building Estimation, bride , road or any construction project before starting estimation Quantity surveyor should be seen the project plane and their dimensions. And after that the Quantity surveyor will be able to find out the project quantity. 2: The drawing detailed should be […]

Design Of Water Tank

In this article today I will show you that how we can design the water tank for a small family. but the water tank design of water is just for one day in this problem. Design of Water tank for 12 members family when we want to find out that how much water are required […]

Materials estimation for circular RCC water tank

In this illustration we will calculate cement, sand, crushed stone and of course steel for given water tank.¬†Here in this article today we will discuss about that how to calculate materials quantity f circular RCC water tank.After reading this reading this article you will be able to know material estimation of circular RCC water tank. […]