Grade of Concrete and their Ratio

  In this Video Lecture today I will teach you about the Grade of concrete and their ratio, which is too much important for civil engineers. What is Grade of Concrete: Grade of Concrete is the base of strength and we have different grade of Concrete which are given below. M10 M15 M20 M25 M30 […]

Strength of Concrete

  In this construction video today I will  explains the strength of concrete. The testing is generally done after 28 days for checking the strength of concrete like a concrete box cylinder strength. First of all we will make a concrete box or cylinder which size should be 15 cm cube. So we have different Grade of […]

Grade Of Concrete and Water Cement Ratio

  In this Article with video today I will teach you that how to Find Grade of concrete with water cement ratio in detail so after reading this article and watching video you will be able to to now about Grade of concrete and water cement ratio in detail. We have Given Grade of Concrete: […]

Good Quality Of Concrete

In this article today We will discuss about Concrete and good quality of concrete in construction works. What is Concrete? Concrete is an engineering materials which becomes with the properties of rock and the combination of particles closely with each other. the concrete is simply a blend of aggregate. it is normally a kind of […]

Workability of concrete

  what is workability of concrete: Workability is one of the physical parameters of concrete which depend on the water. With water process it increase and decrease the strength and durability of concrete and also cost of labor. OR The workability of concrete can be defined as the property of fresh concrete mix that will meet the […]