civil engineering basic knowledge

  Hello Friends , In this video lecture today I will teach you the some basic knowledge for civil engineers which is too much important, Lets get start. Basic Knowledge for Civil Engineers :  1: Concrete fall shoul be not more than 1.5 meter 2: Use 4 No’s of steel bar in rectangular column and […]

construction cost reduction techniques

  Hello Friends in this article I will discuss construction cost reduction techniques which is too much important to learn every civil engineers. So after reading this article you will be able to know some new idea for reducing the building construction cost. Let’s get start. Some Important Techniques to reduce the building construction cost. […]

Steel Structure

  In this article I will discuss about Steel structure for building construction, and also you can find the quantity of steel structure for different elements , so the given notes are too much useful for steel structure, so after reading this article you will be able to know all about steel structure , Let’s […]

Civil Engineering Interview Questions

The given question are too much important in civil engineering interview  what is different b/w One way and Two way slab? what is lintel beam? Define suspend floor? What is Grade of Concrete? Define plinth beam? Define Compressive strength of concrete? What is super elevation? Types of road and their functions? What is raft foundation […]