Standard size of Room Kitchen Bath Room & shower.

In this Article we I will teach you that what the the standard siz of room , kitchen , bathroom and shower etc. After reading this article you will be able to understand about the standard size Room , kitchen etc.But remember these size are used for the residential building.

These Master Room , Living Room , Bed Room etc size are the standard size for the residential building. And these size are very important for Residential building house.

Standard Size for Room

The given Size of Room is using now a days in different countries because all these size are standard. Because Simple room is using for every person.

Size                              Dimension in Meter (m)                       Dimension in feet (ft)

Small                            1.82 x 1.83                                                           6 x 6

Medium                       2.44 x 2.05                                                           8 x 10

Large                             2.44 x 4.57                                                           8 x 15


Standard Size for  Master Bed Room

The master bed room should be normal size. Master Bed room should be not too much large or small, it should be in normal size.

Size                              Dimension in Meter (m)                       Dimension in feet (ft)

Small                            3.65 x 4.26                                                        12 x 14

Medium                       4.26 x 6.10                                                        14 x 20

Large                             4.87 x 7.31                                                        16 x 24


Standard Size for  Living Room

The Living Room should be large, Because this is the place where the family can meet with friends or their guests.

And some time the living room is used for the receptions room therefore it should be large and comfortable.

Size                              Dimension in Meter (m)                       Dimension in feet (ft)

Small                            3.66 x 5.49                                                        12 x 18

Medium                       4.88 x 6.10                                                        16 x 20

Large                             6.71 x 8.53                                                        22 x 28

Standard Size for  Kitchen

The kitchen should be design in the open space and at the corner of the building. But the NE Corner is too much best for the kitchen. But the kitchen should be concreted the Dining room so it will be easy for family to use.for the modern kitchen always seems to be popular amongst design conscious home planners. That maybe because modern kitchen design is so participatory. It allows the user to continually redesign and perfect their environment as their tastes develop. It also creates elegant spaces which are not just attractive, but useful as well.

Size                              Dimension in Meter (m)                       Dimension in feet (ft)

Small                            1.52 x 3.40                                                        5 x 10

Medium                      3.40 x 4.87                                                        10 x 16

Large                            3.65 x 6.09                                                        12 x 20


Standard Size for  Bath Room

Now a days every family want to attached bath room and water closets with each bedroom, so its commonly now.

But if the Water supply is good in a building than its better for them.

Meter                                  Feet

0.91 x 1.53                         3 x 5

0.91 x 1.22                         3 x 4

Standard Size for  Shower

Shower should be used in every wash room. and we have to keep the height of shower from 6 ft to 7.5 ft.

If you have ever bathed in a shower. Because the shower is the important thing in the bathroom. which has a curtain that is too short or too narrow, you know just how frustrating it can be to keep water from leaking all over the bathroom. Fortunately, shower curtains come in several different sizes to accommodate a wide range of tubs, so the size should be normal for the shower.

Meter                                  Feet

1.8 x 1.8                                                             6 x 6

The above dimension of the different parts of a house are the standard size for residential building.

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