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In this article I will discuss about Segregation and bleeding of concrete and also causes of bleeding and segregation, Many students they face the problem about segregation and bleeding of concrete, so after reading this article you will be able to know about segregation and bleeding and also its causes in detail.

What is segregation?

In civil Engineering segregation is the separation of particle which are present in the concrete, Cement , sand and aggregate so when these particle are separate from each other in concrete so that is called segregation of concrete.

The segregation in concrete can occur during handling , transporting and placing of concrete.

when the concrete is falling during placing that time the the particle ( cement , sand , aggregate and water) are separate from each other.

We have three types of segregation in concrete

1: Separation of course aggregate form concrete

2: Separation of Cement paste from concrete mixture

3: Separation of water form concrete mix which is called bleeding of concrete.

Caused of Segregation in concrete 

1: when we use high water in concrete ,

2: when the concrete are mixed by unskillful labors.

3: When concrete is fall from more than 1.5 meter height on the ground than the concrete can segregate.

4: when we vibrate the concrete form long time.

5: The transporting concrete mixes for long distances.

What is Bleeding in concrete ?

Bleeding  is the form of segregation, in placing of concrete the water (Cement paste)  are become out from the concrete mix , and bleeding can occur when the water amount are high in the concrete

when the water cement ratio are high in the concrete so it makes concrete weak.

if the bleeding is normal in concrete so its ok, but if it become high than it can make the concrete weak.


Caused of Bleeding in concrete

1: When the concrete fall from more than height of 1.5 meter.

2: When the water cement ratio is high.

3: When the concrete is not mix properly.

4: When the space is present  between the particle than bleeding in occur


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