Remember 10 Points before Starting Quantity survey of Building

Hello beautiful peoples today in this article I will discuss some useful 10 points which you should remember before starting quantity survey of Building, lets get start.

12 Important Point should be Remember For Civil Engineers:.

1) Study the drawings carefully  ( without study drawing we can’t calculate quantity of any structure )

2) Finalize the items of the work with their units of measurements. Prepare the check list of the items.

3) Write brief description of each item of the work on the measurement sheet.

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4) Calculate length, width & depth of different components for calculation of quantity of concrete & form work.

5) Calculate the quantity of form work for beam, column.

6) Enter the length, width/breath & depth/height in measurement sheet for concrete & form work item.

7) Prepare bar bending schedule.

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8) Calculate the length of bars of different diameter in different components such as slab, beam, column, footing etc. 9) Calculate the number of bars of different diameter in different components.

10) Enter the number, length & weight of bar for different bars in different components in Bar bending schedule.

written by : Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai

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