Properties of Good Mortar

In this article I will Discuss about the Properties of good mortar , Because before using mortar we have to investigate the mortar and after that we can use it , therefore many students they face the problem what what is the properties of good mortar in construction work, so after reading this article you will be able to know properties of good mortar. Also Know about Good Quality Of Concrete

Properties of Good Mortar in Construction work:

1: The good quality of Concrete should be provide good adhesion to building units like Bricks, stone, marble etc.

2: The mortar should be possess high durability

3: Mortar should be easily workable in construction works

4: It should be cheap.

5: the mortar deformability  should be low using at construction works

6: Mortar should be resist with water

7: Mortar should be set quickly during using construction works.

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