How to Calculate Quantity of Excavation and Labor Cost?

Hello Friends, In this video today I will teach you how to Calculate Quantity of Excavation and Labor Cost? so many students they can’t find the quantity of excavation and labor cost for that. so after reading this article you will able to find the cost of labor and excavation quantity .

Quantity of Excavation:

Quantity of excavation is so simple first of all we know that for excavation quantity we will find the volume of excavation than its easy to find their cost and materials etc.

Volume of Excavation = V = Length of excavation x width of excavation x depth of excavation.

Labor Cost

In Pakistan MRS 2017 ( Market Rates Schedule ) cost of labor for 1 cu.m excavation is given:

For Ordinary Soil = 147 rupees / Cu.m

For Hard Soil = 183.75 rupees / Cu.m

For more detail watch the given video of my channel :



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