How to Calculate Land Area with Triangulation| Area Calculation Formula |

In this article today I will discuss that how to calculate land areas with triangulation and also we will write the formula to find the land area.

If your triangles are not right angled, than what u have to do?

You have to do the calculation for area in two steps.

First find the coefficient of the triangle, we’ll call it S.

S= 1/2 (a + b +c)

To Find the Land Area use the given formula:
A= √S x (S-a) x (S-b) x (S-c)

You could set this up in a spread sheet to do the area of a property with straight sides, with length of each side known.

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Example: I have a triangle with sides measuring 5, 8, and 12

S = 1/2 * (5 + 8 + 12) = 12.5
A = √12.5 x (12.5-5) x (12.5-8) x 12.5-12)

A = √12.5 x 7.5 x 4.5 x 0.5

A = √210.9375
A = 14.5237 square units

or it’s 1/2 the two known sides times the sine of the interior angle of the two known sides.

To find the length of an unknown side “a“, two sides known and their interior angle (α) is known it’s:

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a = √ b2 + c2 – 2bc x COS(α)

Fore more detail watch the following video

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