Duties of Civil Engineer in Building Construction site


Hello Friends, In this article today I will discuss Duties of Civil Engineer in Building Construction site, Many Students they were asking about this topic ( That what is the Duties of Civil Engineer in Building Construction site ) so Let’s get start.

Duties of Civil Engineer in Building Construction site


Execution mean that bring the civil design in reality. the civil engineers should be study the drawing in detail , than it should be implement on the site, the construction work should be complete with the with planning department and design with project manager.

Quality Engineers

The Engineers should be complete his work on time, so its mean that civil engineer will give the quality to the client. Engineer should be follow the good experience on the construction site as well as check on the construction materials and all project.

Safety Officer 

The Civil Engineer should be also the good knowledge about safety , that how to work safely and civil engineers is not responsible for safety work but if he has knowledge it the good quality of civil engineers, Safety Engineer also required the additional degree in fire and safety.

Planning Engineer

Planning engineer have to care the resources at site. He have to work to provide the link between site and high management of department.

Billing Officer

Billing officer provide the bill for sub contractors and clients to construct different civil engineering project.


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