Drawing Study for Septic Tank

In this Article I will teach you in detail. That How to study Drawing For  septic Tank. than you will be able to learn the easy way to better understand to study septic Tank drawing. when you read this article carefully than u will be able that how to read the septic Tank drawing. there are all the dimension of septic tank are present. But remember this drawing is actual which i have design for the residential building.

Drawing Study

First of all i will tell you this scale for the septic Tank drawing.

For the plan of Septic Tank i have taken the scale  – ¼ inch = 1 feet.

the scale can be change in Autocad for different drawings

The length of the septic tank is 10 feet and 3 inches. And the breadth of the septic tank is 6 feet. The boundary walls or outer side walls are 9 inches (0.75ft) The internal walls which are constructed in the septic tank are equal to 4.5 inches (half of external walls). We have three sections. Length of each section is 2 feet 9 inches; second one is also 2 feet 9 inches and the last one is also 2 feet 9 inches.

Given Data for the Septic Tank : 

Length of septic Tank = L =  10.25 ft

Breadth of septic Tank = W = 6 ft

Height of Septic Tank = 5.5 ft

External walls are = 9 inch = 0.75 ft

Internal wall of septic tank are  = 4.5 inch or 0.375ft


The internal length of the septic tank without boundary wall is 4 feet 6 inches. The cross section or section at X – X view for septic tank will show you the same two 9 inches walls, the internal walls with thickness equal to 4.5 inches.

The cross sectional view will show you the PCC which is 1:2:4. This is the M15 grade of concrete. There are 9 inches external walls. 0.5 is the thickness of the plaster, chips, walls and floor. The cross sectional view will show the RCC walls and concrete.

From the water closet, all the materials can come in and go from out pipe. Once it become full some materials can flow from outer side. Thickness of the top slab is 5 inches. There is a cover. It can be opened from its cover. If there is any issue, it can be opened from cover.

There are holes between internal walls. The height of septic tank is internal i.e. without the PCC and the top slab. The height is 5 foot and 6 inches. This is most simple to study the septic tank drawing.

we have different types of Septic tank like Rectangular , square and circular septic tank. for the circular the circular Septic tank design is different from rectangular design, there is just change to find out the volume of circular tank and others are the same formulas, which i have discussed in this article.

Note: This Drawing I designed for my student Building. which is already using in the residential building. So you can also take the above dimension to design the septic Tank.


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