Difference Between Pier , Abutment and Column

In this article I will show you the difference between Pier , Abutment and column, Many students they are confuse in this topic so after reading this article you will be able to know the different between Pier , abutment and column so let’s get start.

What is Pier?

Generally Pier is the types of column which are construct between the two abutments in the bridge which support the load of super structure of the bridge.

Piers are transfer the load of the slab beam and vehicles to foundation.

What is Abutment?

It used at the ends of the bridge to retain the embankment and also carry the vertical and horizontal loads for the bridge super structure to the foundation. Abutment are usually constructed from concrete which can support heavy load of the vehicles.

What is column?

In Civil Engineering column is a vertical member which carry the compressive load is called column, and column transfer the load from slab and beams to the Foundation or Footing.

Different between Pier and Abutment

Pier are the internal supports of the bridge.

Abutments are the ends supports of the bridge.

Pier can use more than two in bridge construction.

Abutment are just two in the bridge at the ends.

Pier are constructed between the abutments.

Abutments are the external support of the bridge.


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