Different between Concrete and Mortar


Hello Friends, In this article today I will discuss the different between concrete and mortar. After reading this article you will be able to know the different between concrete and cement mortar, so let’s get start.



Concete is a compostie of a buidling matarial which made from a mixture of Cement , Sand, Crush and water.

Concrete are used in structural projects  but its usually used in reifnoce with steel rebar to get more strength. In building construction concrete are used in Column , beam , slab , retaining wall , dams etc.

Concrete is so strong from other buuilding materials thats why we used concrete in building construction works.


Mortar is also building materials which made from Cement , Sand and water. In mortar the water cement ratio is high but in concrete mixture water cement ratio is low from mortar.

Mortar strength is low from concrete and we are not able to use the steel rebar in mortar because its not strong from concrete .

In Building Construction works we used mortar in plastering and where we don’t required the high strength and just for filling works we can use mortar so make the surface smooth and normal strong.

Different between Concrete and Mortar

1: Concrete is more strong than mortar

2: Mortar is thicker than cnocrete

3: We use high water cement ration in mortar than concrete

4: we can’t used steel in mortar

5: we can used steel bars in concrete

6: Motar is use in bricks masonry works

7: concrete is not used in bricks masonry woks

8: Concrete can be used for life time.

9: Mortar should be replace after 20 to 25 years.

10: we can get more strength from concrete than mortar.

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