Difference between Tie Beam and Plaint beam and their purpose

In this Article I will discuss about Tie beam and Plaint beam that what are the difference between ( plaint beam and tie beam) so after reading this article you will be able to better know about the above topic, Lets get start.

What is Plinth  Beam?

In civil Engineering Construction plinth beam is a reinforced concrete beam which constructed b/w the wall and foundation and some time plinth beam is also constructed on the DPC.



Purpose of Plinth Beam?

We provide the plinth beam to prevent the extension of crack from foundation into the wall .

Plinth beam is distribute the load of wall to the foundation which can make the wall from the long cracks. Plinth beam also used to prevent the building from the seepage

Use of steel

use 12mm dia of steel at the bottom of the plinth beam

used 10 mm dia of the top of the plinth beam

And don’t keep the depth of foundation less than 20cm

Use 25mm concrete cover for plinth beam.


What is Tie Beam?

Tie beam is located above the ground floor which connects column and footing , and this is horizontal beam which transfer the load to the column of the structure.

Also you can define the Tie Beam , That Tie beam is a structural member which carry the load and it give the load to other members, and its ties to gather members which are Column, beam footing and wall frames, and Tie beam is too much important in building structure.


Purpose of Tie Beam:

Tie beam are used for the column , when the height of column is more than 4 to 5 meter than we provide the tie beam for structure. if the height of the column is less than 4 meter than we have not design the tie beam in building structure.

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Written By: Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai



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