Calculation of Water for M20 Grade Concrete | Water Cement Ratio |

Hello friends, In this video lecture today I will teach you calculation of water for M20 Grade concrete, this topic is very important and many students they don’t know also how to find volume of water for one bag cement , so let’s start in given video. after watching this video you are able to find the calculation of water for M20 grade , M15 , M10 etc. you can use the same formula to find water cement ratio for concrete.

Water Calculation for M20 Grade Concrete:

Remember some useful point before watching video

1 Bag cement = 50kg

Density of Cement = 1440kg/m3

I litre Water = 1 kg

Use 0.42 to 0.60% of water in Cement 

for more details watch the given video

Video by : Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai

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