How to Calculate Quantity of Formwork for beams , columns and Slab


In this article today I will discuss about Quantity of Formwork ( Shuttering ) for Beam , column and slab , Many students they are asking this question so therefore today we will discuss , so after reading this article you will be able to know that how to calculate quantity of formwork for column beam and slab. Let’s get start.

Quantity of formwork :

Formwork should be measure in square meter. so also we can take the surface area of cocrete for the shuttering area.

The form area ( Quantity ) is depend on the surface area of concrete but special for RCC slab.

Quantity of formwork for Column : 

the column is square or rectangular therefore we have to take 4 sides to calculate the quantity of formwork ( Shuttering )

So Area of Formwork =  Sum of 4 Sides x height of column

Here 4 sides measurement can be any thing and than we will multiply with height of column than it give us the quantity of shutting.

Example :    If the Column dimension are = 1ft x 1ft   and Height of column is 10 ft   than
Quantity of fromwork = sum of 4 side of column x height of column = ( 1 + 1+ 1+ 1 )  x 10 = 40 sq.ft but we have to find the formwork area in sq.m    so   40 ft / 10.76 which can give us the value in Sq.meter.

Quantity of  formwork for Beam : 


First of all we take the X- Section of  beam and than we measure the length of the two sides and the base of the beam.

1: Sum  three dimension of beam ( beam base  + one vertical side + other vertical side )

2:  Than measure the span of the beam.

Formula to find the Quantity of formwork for beam

Area of shuttering for beam = beam base +  two vertical sides)  x   length of beam

Quantity of  formwork for slab :

the any shape of slab shuttering ( formwrok ) we can find very easily.

find the any shape of concrete surface area is the area of formwork,

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