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Hello Friends, In this video lecture you are able to learn how to build Staircase from start to end, this video is very important to learn the construction method of staircase,

Materials used in Staircase:

Here for construction of staircase they used Bricks, it main that they did not construct the staircase from full concrete but they are using mortar and bricks for making of staircase steps.

Making riser:

they use a piece of wood to keep the depth of riser and also for riser level.

construction of trade: 

To construct the trade they used the mortar and bricks, they did not use concrete in trade so therefore may be this staircase will be not suitable for heavy loads.

West of staircase

In construction of west for staircase they used RCC mean concrete + steel after that the starting the steps for staircase

For more detail watch the given video in detail

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