15 Technical Terms about Reinforcement a Construction Supervisor Should Know

Hello Friends, In this article today I will discuss some Useful technical term about reinforcement a construction supervisor should know this points. let’s get start.

15 Technical Terms about Reinforcement Supervisor  should know:

1: Concrete Cover for Reinforcement

Concrete cover is also called clear cover for reinforcement. and it is the distance b/w steel surface and nearest outer surface of concrete structure.

Concrete cover for different RCC members

  • Pile  = 75 mm
  • Pile cap =75 mm
  • Footing = 75 mm
  • Column below ground = 65 mm
  • Column above ground =  40 mm
  • Shear wall below ground = 65 mm
  • Shear wall above ground = 40 mm
  • Beam below ground =  65 mm
  • Beam above ground = 40 mm
  • Slab below ground = 50 mm
  • Slab above ground = 20 mm
  • Stair  = 20 mm


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2: Unite Weight of Steel bar

Site supervisor should be know the unite weight of steel we have given weight of steel for different dia of steel

  • 8 mm ø bar – 0.12 kg/ft
  • 10 mm ø bar – 0.19 kg/ft
  • 12 mm ø bar – 0.27 kg/ft
  • 16 mm ø bar – 0.48 kg/ft
  • 20 mm ø bar – 0.75 kg/ft
  • 25 mm ø bar – 1.25 kg/ft

3: Lap in compression zone:

Steel should be lapping for compression zone with 50d where ( d ) is dia of steel bar

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4: Lapping for Tension

Steel should be lapping for tension zone with 40d where ( d ) is dia of steel bar

5: No Lapping

Lap should be not provide larger than 36mm dia of steel

6: Require bending wire

For binding one ton of MS bar 7 kg to 13 kg binding wire is required.

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7: Standard length of Mild steel bar

Mild steel Standard length is 40′

8: Minimum Longitudinal Bar in a Column

Use Minimum 4 No’s of steel in Square column and 6 No’s for circular column

9: Placing 1st Stirrup:

Place 1st stirrup with the spacing of 2 inches.

10: Hook’s Angle of Stirrup

Stirrup’s hook angle is 135°.

11:  Bend for Vertical Bar of Column

Remember that vertical column bars are called longitudinal bars, and bend is provide at one end of longitudinal bar with the angle of 90 degree and then length should be not less than 18 inches.

12: End Hook for Longitudinal Bar of Beam

Column end hook angel should be with 90 degree

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13: Hook’s Length of Stirrup:

The stirrup hook length should be not less than 3inches or use this formula = 6d where d is dia of steel bar which used for stirrup.

14: Maximum Lap in a Zone

Don’t use more than 50% lapping zone in any RCC structure.

15: Bent Up bar

Provide bent up  bar near at support of slab and beam.

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Written by: Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai

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