12 Important points for Civil Site Engineers


In this article today I will teach you the 12 important points for civil Site engineers which are too much important at site.

Given are the point which should be apply at the Site


1: The compressive strength of Bricks should be not less than 3.5 N/mm2


2: Water Absorption for 1st class bricks should be not less than 15%


3: Use the formulas: D2/162 to find the unit weight of steel in kg/m where D is dai of steel in mm

4: Longitudinal reinforcement should not be under 0.8% and over 6% of gross C/S

5: Use minimum 4 No’s of bars for Square column and 6 No’s of bars in Circular Column.

6: During concrete work Free fall of concrete should be not more than 1.50 meter.

7: Minimum thickness of slab is 125 mm

8: We should not use the lapping length if the dia of steel is over 36mm

9: Earthwork excavation toward basement over 3 m should remain in stepped form

10: Electrical conduit shall not be runs in the columns.

11: Cement should be preserved in dry places on a raised platform roughly 200 mm

12: Main bars Diameter should not be less than 12  mm.

 Note: The above information are too much important specially for Civil Site Engineers to keep these point and implement at site.

Written by: Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai

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