Top 10 Best Civil Engineering Software | Civil Engineers Must Know | free download

Hello Friends, in this article today I will recommend top 10 best civil engineering software which should now every civil engineer , because these software are too much important for every civil engineers. so lets get start. Top 10 Best Civil Engineering Software No: 1 AUTODESK Auto CAD 2018 read more: Safe Bearing Capacity | Minimum […]

Safe Bearing Capacity | Minimum bearing capacity for different types of Soil |

Hello friends, In this article today I will teach you what is bearing capacity of soil and safe bearing capacity of soil, and also we will discuss the minimum bearing capacity for different types of soil. so lets get start. Bearing Capacity of Soil The capacity of soil that supports the structure load, and transfer […]

Why Super Elevation Provide in road? Advantages of Super Elevation

Hello Friends, In this article I will discuss that why super elevation provide in road. and its advantage, lets get start. What is Super Elevation in Road? Super-elevation we can define that the outer edge of the road is raised above the inner edge so that Raised Height of road  is called super-elevation or banking […]

Why Stirrups are used in Beam & Column Construction? purpose of Stirrups

Hello Friends, Many students they have a question that why stirrups are used in the construction of beam and column, lets explain its what is the reason. Why Stirrups are Used in the Construction of column and Beam? Stirrups are provided to hold the main reinforcement rebars [1] together in an RCC structure. Stirrups are […]

Why steel are Binds by Binding Wire? Purpose of Binding Wire.

Hello friends today I will discuss why steel are binds by binding wire and its purpose so let’s get explain. What is Binding wire? Binding wires and the types of tying the wires to bind the reinforcement.  is used for binding reinforcement construction. It is made of mild steel inker, which takes place in the form […]

Curing of Concrete | Curing time & Duration | Curing methods

Hello Friends, In this article today we will disuses abut curing of concrete that that whey curing of concrete is done and its reason let’s get start. Why curing of concrete is done: Actually we know that reaction b/w cement and water is called hydration , and its an exothermic reaction which releases ( heat) […]

Why Civil Engineers Used White Cap at Site?

Hello friends, Many student ask a question that why civil engineers used white cap why they don’t use other color let explain it in this article. The color of safety helmet  depends on site, department, company, industry, and some times geography. read more: How to Calculate Depth of shallow Foundation ? Generally the color codes of […]

What is Function of Sand in Mortar?

Function of Sand in Mortar really sand are not used in the mortar to increase its strength but its used to increase the volume of mortar for its economy. read more: Difference Between Shallow and Deep Foundation? Using sand in the right amount can produce cheap mortar without hampering mortar strength. Sand subdivides the paste of […]